All images on this site are of floors restored and photographed by Peter Weller and are therefore copyrighted.


Advisory Service
Need help to restore your wooden floors? with over 30 years experience in all types of wooden floor restoration, our one to one advisory service will help you to achieve the best possible results for all wooden floor types

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This is a personal one to one help service. Please note, there is a charge for this service of between £5 and £25 depending on the amount of time spent on your case.
Many thanks for understanding we have had to put a small charge for our time and expertise, at times we are inundated with requests for help and advice

We have already shared masses of information on this site, but with floor restoration something always crops up that we have not covered. Every floor has it's own problems. These problems can usually be dealt with, but for those of you that have not restored a floor before it can seem very daunting.
It may also be the case you are being wrongly advised about a restoration which has already gone very wrong.

Email your questions/problems and we will advise you on the charge after seeing how involved your reply/help is going to be.
You will be sent an invoice and payment advice once you have received the help.
If it's a problem Peter feels he can not help you with he will let you know and no payment will be due.
In many cases conversation is needed and we will advise on the best time to phone Peter. All phone contact will be followed by written advice sometimes with links to certain varnishes, stains etc where needed.

There is also a property visit help option which has a set price of £80 but is limited to property within Peters catchment area.
During the visit Peter will be able to advise you how to overcome any problems with your floor. This amount covers journey time and up to an hour of his time. Wooden floor restoration can throw up many problems. Once seen Peter will be able to advise.

EMAIL FROM EMMA, just one of the people Peter has helped to overcome some difficult issues with her floor, through email and phone contact.

Dear Peter & Lynne, Thank you for your email. I have just finished the floor this weekend. I have had what I would consider to be great success! Please see the before and after photos below. I would be more than happy for you to use these photos on your website if you wish (excuse the Frog tape!) Thank you very much indeed for your advice and help. I got all the products from Mylands as you suggested and they we're very helpful indeed. I think its fantastic that you offer advice like this for a small monetary contribution - you are an expert in your field and I appreciate you sharing that knowledge for the want of a good result at the end of it. There's really not much for 'nothing' these days and I am thankful you have the kindness and patience to help people out. I have made a contribution of £20 to your account.
With very best wishes, Emma


Please email
Please give Peter time to answer your questions. Your email will be in a queue. If you need URGENT help please state this in the email subject box. Please title your email ADVISORY SERVICE.