All images on this site are of floors restored and photographed by Peter Weller and are therefore copyrighted.



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If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our personal one to one advisory service

Through this web site we try our best to help you through the process of sanding, varnishing and filling the gaps of your wooden floors. It's not an easy job to restore a floor but it is possible if you are prepared to try. We'd just like to wish you all good luck and share a few success stories with you, just so you know what others out there are achieving. If you have sanded a floor with the help and advice that we have given you, email your before and after pictures, or just your after pictures, if that's all you have, and we will add them to this page.

EMAIL From Karen Lewis 26/11/15

Despite sanding my floors in my homes before to a reasonable level, I sought advice from your site late last year as we were buying a large Victorian house & didn't want any visible mistakes. I downloaded your two videos & watched over & over. Read your website thoroughly. Eventually set about the task & am NOT disappointed. 
What I did differently to previous attempts? 
Bashed down all floor nails below surface
Filled spaces of 2mm or more with wood slivers & wood glue (theraputic kicking the excess off having crawled around inserting them)
Levelling...GENIUS!!!! That was a new one for me but invalueable
Scraping the inaccessible areas was carried out by my husband
Bona Mega...MARVELLOUS easy to use product. Thank you for recommendation. Purchased online from Wood Finishes Direct who unofficially offer a sale or return policy. Product went further than calculated BUT so happy with results, going to do more!
Sanding off the raised grain after first coat using a palm sander & 240 grit mesh. So smooth :-)
I too experienced the different ageing of unstained wood leaving a different colour. But Peter had forewarned me in one of his Facebook replies to another DIY-er about a staircase so I wasn't surprised & had the answers for my husband too. Luckily, our dining table will sit nicely on our 'natural rug'.
I am so very happy with the clear assistance you gave, wonderful results & compliments. Going to try attaching some pics for your perusal & possible use on your sites.
Thank you again. Karen Lewis (nee George)

Well done Karen, brilliant job. Thanks for the email and images. Good luck with any future projects.


Dear Peter & Lynne, Thank you for your email. I have just finished the floor this weekend. I have had what I would consider to be great success! Please see the before and after photos below. I would be more than happy for you to use these photos on your website if you wish (excuse the Frog tape!) Thank you very much indeed for your advice and help. I got all the products from Mylands as you suggested and they we're very helpful indeed. I think its fantastic that you offer advice like this for a small monetary contribution - you are an expert in your field and I appreciate you sharing that knowledge for the want of a good result at the end of it. There's really not much for 'nothing' these days and I am thankful you have the kindness and patience to help people out. I have made a contribution to your account.
With very best wishes, Emma


We helped Emma with a phone conversation followed by a written explanation and order of work for the particular finish she wanted to achieve. I think you'll agree she has done extremely well. Congratulations Emma.

Rachel and Chris bought our sanding and gap filling downloads before ordering varnish and filler from us. I think you'll agree from the pictures below, they have done a fantastic job. Well done Rachel and Chris.

Hi Peter & Lynn, Thank you so much for all your time and patience. We would not have achieved the same result without your help. Please find attached before & after pictures of our floor.
Regards Rachel & Chris Hummel

Before and After




Hi Lynne. Here are the before and after photos I said I would forward to you. I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and there was no need to buy a carpet! I don't mind at all if you use them on the web site. Many thanks again for all your help and advice. Yours Susan Geddes.

Before and After

Susan downloaded our sanding instruction film, plus a little one to one on the phone, then finished her floor with Bonakemi Spectra which she bought from our online store. Well done to you and your partner Sue, you've done a great job on your first floor.

Subject :Rae's floor and a recent varnish order to Scotland

Hi Lynne, This email is just to let you know that the order of 4 Mega Varnishes arrived and the job done! We are absolutely thrilled with the finished job. We had made three rooms into one big lounge so we had to piece the places where the walls had been. I would certainly recommend your products to anyone who wants a good finish. Thank you so much. Regards and thanks again. Rae Green

Hi Rae
Looks like you've made a great job of your floor, congratulations!!!! So glad it all worked out so well for you. A very happy new year to you. kindest regards Lynne

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for your kind words. My husband did work awfully hard on the floor! We don't mind a bit you using the email. I meant every word! Regards to you Rae

Alex, before and after shots of her hallway


Hi Peter Am sending you the before and after shots of a bit of our hallway. I am so happy to have found your website and downloaded the videos, bought the Lecol and Bona Mega and have spent the last two weekends working hard to achieve a really wonderful look including the bit you see, two landings and 15 stairs! Big challenge with an edge sander but I am now bitten by the bug and will be taking on the much easier (I hope) spare room very soon. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and enabling me to source some fantastic products. For anyone not living in an area that Peter can get to, go for it and do it yourself, it will transform your house. Many thanks once again Alex Levine

We think Alex has done a first class restoration on her first floor.



Hi Peter I've been having a look at your Web site, which I think's great! Unfortunately, my home's miles outside your catchment area, so I'll probably try sanding my floors myself! I think I'll also invest in a copy of the video download mentioned on the site. Tom. UK. Video download

Thanks for a great video - I don't think we would have got there without it. It gave us the confidence and useful hints to get the floor done - it looks great now. Cheers! Phil in Halifax

Just wanted to say 'thank you' Peter. Our floors were finished in time for christmas and look great. The spectra varnish is like liquid silk, it's so easy to use and the finish is fantastic. We've recommended your website and videos to all of our friends.
Many thanks, Linda Gill. 2/1/06

Peter, I downloaded both your films last week and found both very informative. I sanded our living room floor about five years ago and I wish I'd seen them both before doing that job. The varnish is now starting to wear in places, so I have decided to sand it again. I didn't fill any gaps last time because I didn't know of a good way of doing it. Now, thanks to you, I do. 28/11/05

Hi Peter, Thanks for a great video on Floor sanding and Gapping, excellent confidence builder watching someone actually do it.
I have one question, I have been trying to find 2mm MDF but no luck, I tried Homebase but the lowest they go is 3mm, any pointers on where I could locate some, if I cant use that is there any other sheet material I could use?
Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards Jay Akhta.

Hi Peter, Just like to say thank you for taking the time out to contact me this afternoon, gave me a great deal of confidence in the task at hand which so far is going great, the gapped floor is coming along really nice, hopefully should start the sanding on Wednesday. Thanks again. Best regards Jay

If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our personal one to one advisory service


I'm sorry, we have had to shut down our varnish delivery service as the carriage charges were too high.