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Restoration Service for Hardwood, Parquet and Engineered Floors

Plus comprehensive DIY help and advice for all types of wooden floor board restoration which includes, pine boards, hardwood, parquet and engineered floors. Advice will also be given on gap filling and staining. ADVISORY SERVICE

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Restoring all wooden flooring types since 1988. Peter Weller specialises in hard wood, parquet, engineered floors and pine. Being well known for his expertise in staining, he comes highly recommended with 30+ years experience working closely with clients and interior designers to achieve their own uniquely visualized finish. He is based in Crystal Palace, South East London.

If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our advisory service, we cover all wooden floor types and staining for this service. personal one to one advisory service

Throughout his career Peter has restored thousands of pine and hardwood floors.
He aims to give you not only a long lasting beautiful floor but a level of service geared to your households needs whilst work is in progress, with flexible hours and schedule that can fit in with the busiest households. Whenever possible work in busy areas such as kitchens and hallways, is timed to cause the least disruption especially where there are young children.

Floor sanding is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential if the floor is to be stained.

Gap filling is done with the MDF strip method in preference to wood strips, it looks fantastic and works beautifully with stain. It is a long lasting solution to draughts. Fillers have the tendency to shrink and fall out as the boards shrink and expand with temperature changes in the home. Peter only uses filler for the very narrowest gaps and boards that have cracked and need some restoration.

Staining changes the colour of the floor and can have a dramatic effect on the character of the space, so it is vital to get it right. Peter works closely with his clients giving advice and discussing the options and experimenting with colour's before the final decision is made. Sample colour's will be applied to a test patch for the client to see how the colour's are effected by the original board colour before the final choice is made. In the images above, the client wanted the final finish to resemble driftwood.

The final protective finish is achieved using long lasting top quality professional floor lacquers with differing levels of sheen, matt, satin or gloss to give depth to the colour of the floor with the finishing sheen of your choice. Peter uses a minimum of 3 coates to give the very best possible most hardwearing finish. In the image below a busy family kitchen was given an extra coat of matt varnish, 4 in all. The client wanted a pale sandy beach effect, which was achieved with a diluted white stain on new boards.

Pricing We do not try to beat competitors with price. Peter is more concerned with quality work and that takes time. He uses the most expensive materials and gives a very personal service. He is a true craftsman. His skills expanding far beyond floor restoration which means when faced with a complicated floor restoration he knows exactly how to deal with it, and has an amazing understanding of staining....what works on your particular floor and what doesn't. One added bonus though.... we do not charge VAT and have no hidden prices, which can make a big difference to your final bill. PRICING

References: If you would like to contact one of our recent clients with a view to using this service please send a request to Peters clients are usually more than happy to show off his workmanship.

Area we cover: A brief out-line is Upper Norwood, Croydon, Gipsy Hill, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Bromley, Norwood, Hern Hill, West Norwood, Beckenham, Penge, Sydenham, Anerley, South Norwood, West Norwood. Surrey, Peckham, Camberwell, Caulsdon, Greenwich, Brixton, Streatham, Tooting, Mitcham, chislehurst. We no longer cover Battersea, Wandsworth or Wimbledon. If you are in any doubt if your property is in our catchment area or not, just email, Lynne will let you

Availability: Please email

Unable to wait for a booking with Peter or want to try doing the floor yourselves.We offer a help service for all wooden floor types, click here to see just some of the clients who have used our guidance and expertise to achieve great results.

You can also find Peter's service on Facebook where you can ask questions, share some of his projects and recent restorations or give him your opinion, he will then be able to respond to you directly on face book.

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All images on this site are taken by Peter and are floors that he personally has restored. We do not use stock images.