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Restoration Service for Hardwood, Parquet and Engineered Floors
Plus comprehensive DIY help and advice for all types of wooden floor board restoration

Peter is a skilled floor restorer and gives a high quality service of workmanship also making sure your property stays clean and dust free throughout the process and leaving it that way on completion. Customers have been prepared to wait weeks, sometimes months, for him to do their floors there are no VAT charges added to your final bill.

Example below of old pine floor newly stained with charcoal black matt finish, created by Peter using a mixture of stains. Completed 22nd April 2011. ( Peter has recently decided to concentrate his expertise exclusively on the following floor types only:Hardwood, Parquet and quality Laminate.With his advancing years these floor types are less labour intensive but actually require more skill and knowledge)


Our one man London based floor sanding service has been sanding floors in South London for 25 years with a solid reputation for the quality of work and personal professional caring service provided. Peter does the floor sanding and the 30 plus years experience is all his and not a group calculation, he is also the one to visit your property to give advice, if and when needed. In the last year Peter has personally trained his grandson to his own standards who will occasionally be working with him.

Lynne answers your email enquiries, works out your estimates and will book you in and make appointments for Peter to visit you.

Peter has just recently decided to concentrate his expertise exclusively on the following floor types only:
With his advancing years these floor types are less labour intensive than pine, but actually require more skill and knowledge to restore.

CONTACT EMAIL: for a quote.
Please email your individual room sizes and full post code
Based in South London. Upper Norwood. SE19 2LN

References: If you would like to contact one of our recent clients with a view to using this service please send a request to

Our Service Area:

The area marked in yellow on the map is the area Peters sanding service covers. A brief out-line is Upper Norwood, Croydon, Gipsy Hill, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Bromley, Norwood, Hern Hill, West Norwood, Beckenham, Penge, Sydenham, Anerley, South Norwood, West Norwood. Surrey, Peckham, Camberwell, Caulsdon, Greenwich, Brixton, Streatham, Tooting. We no longer cover Battersea, Wandsworth or Wimbledon. If you are in any doubt if your property is in our catchment area or not just email, Lynne will let you

Prices are based on floor area. For sanding and three  coats of varnish currently £35.00 per square metre and includes some minor repairs. Minor repairs would include fastening down a small quantity of loose floor boards and filling small cracks in a few boards 2 hours work maximum, after that a charge of £30.00 per hour will apply.

There is a minimum charge of £250.00 for small areas such as entrance halls, landings , toilets and very small bathrooms when these are restored as a single job but when restored with other rooms normal charges will apply.

Sand only is charged by the square metre...£25.00 square metre

Sand and three coats of varnish ...£35.00 square metre

Gap filling is charged by the square metre...£10.00 per square metre. Peter does not use filler for gap filling, he only use the filler for small repairs, such as cracks in the boards themselves. He uses MDF strips to fill the gaps so no shrinkage or drop out occurs and the overall finish is far superior to filler and an added bonus "no draughts"

Staining is charged by the square metre.......£15.00 Per square metre. Staining requires skill and experience. In the wrong hands staining can end up looking very patchy. Peter has been doing this for 25+ years and is highly skilled.

Apart from the darker staining colour's we can also give hard wood floors a selection of paler stains.
See samples below.

Restoration. First 2 hours free ...after that £30.00 per hour.

Examples of restoration work:
1.  Laying boards after hearth removal

2. Replacing boards that have been made unsafe by wood worm

3. Some older houses - pre victorian - have differing widths and thickness of boards. This can lead to extra work when they need replacing or moving.

4.  Landings (Peter no longer restores landings) they can be extremely labour intensive and can pose a time consuming restoration job, where potentially hazardous loose boards have  no joists to nail them to because they have been removed to make way for a run of central heating pipes.
Peter has recently decided to concentrate his expertise exclusively on the following floor types only:
With his advancing years these floor types are less labour intensive but actually require more skill and knowledge. landings are very labour intensive.

5. Stairs, Sorry but Peter does not strip stairs anymore, also very labour intensive and require the use of chemical floor strippers which can pose a severe health problem.

6. Carpet removal. Peter can take the old carpet up for you but can not dispose of it. Taking the carpet up and putting it at the front of the house has an extra charge of £35.00 per room.

7. Hearth removal. To remove an existing hearth and replace with floor boards £250.00.

8. Hardboard removal This is sometimes found under the carpet or tiles and can be problematic to remove, it's also difficult to estimate how long this can take so for this Peter charges by the hour.
Hourly charge as for restoration. £30.00 an hour.

We only sand hallways when at least one other room in the house is being sanded. Hallways are very un-economical for us when sanded at our standards. As we will not drop our standards we are unable to take on hallways as a single job.

CALL OUT CHARGE Visits to measure for a quote and view the property for potential restoration are free.

There is a call out fee for all other visits where you require Peter to put right problems that have naturally occurred since restoration or where accidental damage by you or persons known to you has in some way spoiled your floor.
The call out fee is £80.00. If any work is carried out there is a minimum charge totaling £250.00, this could be reduced only at Peters discretion to an hourly fee of £30.00 per hour on top of the £80.00. depending on the time spent.

If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our personal one to one advisory service

CONTACT EMAIL for quote and enquiries. Please send individual room sizes and full post code.

Based in South London. Upper Norwood. SE19.

Please always add your post code to the email if your require a quote for Peter's floor sanding service.

Estimated quotes:
By email, if you have an approximate room size, feet or metres, followed by a visit to your home to see and discuss your floor with you. Visits and work are  carried out by Peter.

If you would like an estimate / quote by email, please give approximate individual room sizes, in feet or metres along with any other information you would like to add.
Please include your post code. Full address is not necessary at this stage but we like to check that you are in our catchment area before we go to the lengths of working out a quote. Don't worry we will let you know if you are out of that area.



If Peter is not not available to do the restoration for you we can at least help you to understand the process and even undertake the job yourself, but also by understanding the process yourself you should find it easier to question any company you may contact and also be able to tell the cowboys from the professional. We know this is difficult but showing you have some knowledge on the subject can be beneficial. We have produced two instruction films specifically for these reasons. £2.50 each Click below to view or buy.


Or there is our personal help service If you need help/advice check out our personal one to one advisory service