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Restoration Service for Hardwood, Parquet and Quality Engineered, plus comprehensive DIY help and advice for all types of wooden floor board restoration


Search the internet for "floor sanding machine hire". You will need two machines, the main sander,  which does the bulk of the work and the edging sander for getting right up to the skirting  boards. Some hirers charge separately for each machine, while others offer a reduced rate  for the two. Prices can vary widely, phone around for the best deal. Get the costs of  sanding sheets and discs as well. Some large builders' merchants and timber yards hire  machines.

BOOK YOUR MACHINES WELL IN ADVANCE. Floor sanding is very popular so you are unlikely  to get a machine at the last minute especially at weekends and bank holidays. When you collect your machines or have them  delivered, make sure you are given a dust bag for each machine and a "key" for the edging  sander, essential for getting discs on and off.

CLEARING THE ROOM. The room must be completely clear of furniture and anything that  may be affected by dust, e.g. books and drapes etc. If you have to sand round that sofa  that could only be got in through the window, then allow for an extra days work. Your aim is to achieve a flat, smooth surface. It is important the floor  is flat and has no high spots as it will wear quickly, hold the dirt and be difficult to clean.

FILLING THE GAPS We advise filling the gaps on the ground floor as cold air circulating under the house will come up through the gaps and in winter this could mean much higher heating bills. Upstairs rooms such as bedrooms don't have that cold air to contend with. It's advisable to fill the gaps in a kitchen to make it easier to keep the floor clean and in bathrooms to stop spills going between the boards.
Peter fills the gaps with strips of Hardboard or MDF. The gap filling download (click here) will show you exactly how to do this. For those of you who are reluctant to use the MDF strip method we recommend a professional filler sold to the trade called LECOL FILLER, a clear liquid that you mix with saw dust to make a filler.

Left, floor before any work commences. Center, one of the occupants (Sprout) gives his seal of approval to Peter's gap filling before sanding commences. Right, gaps filled, sanded and three coates of water based varnish.


SANDING EQUIPMENT You will be using very powerful electrical equipment. Read the health and  safety notes that should come with your machines. Download the instruction film from our video page which gives you tips and instructions on safety. We do advise you to view our sanding and gap filling instruction films before planning to sand your floor. Peter demonstrates and explains in detail how to sand a floor, also demonstrating a simple technique to sand off those black borders often found in victorian houses, which cause endless problems and expense for anyone trying to get rid of them:

Follow this link to find out what varnish to use and how to calculate the amount you will need for your floor.


The idea is to flick the paint off firstly with the main sanding machine, then finish with the edger machine still using a flicking motion. Prolonged contact with the machine on the paint will create heat and spread the black border paint rather than remove it. The sanding download or fully interactive DVD demonstrates this technique, as you are required to use the machines in a slightly different way . When most people try to sand these black borders (bitumen) they end up clogging the sanding sheets very quickly which of course is very costly. Many so called professionals have still not found a way to get this stuff off without extra cost to the customer. Peter has used this method for many years now and it works beautifully

DUST AND NOISE. Floor sanding is noisy. Warn your neighbors in advance and try not to  work unsociable hours.
Dust can be a problem if using one of the older machines but not necessarily, as there is so much you can do to minimize it. Open windows and try  to create a through draught that takes the dust out of the window of the room you are  working in. If that's not possible then use masking tape to seal around doors to adjoining rooms,  fitted wardrobes, kitchen cupboards etc. Empty dust bags regularly, don't wait until they're  full as this is the main cause of dust problems and can be avoided with all floor sanding machines even the old ones as demonstrated in the instruction film. Clean up as you go. Vacuum or sweep between sanding's. Modern floor sanding machines are virtually dust free but only as long as you follow machine instructions and empty the bag before it becomes too full and the above precautions still apply. The new machines do tend to be a lot more expensive to hire and are much heavier than the old ones. Our demonstration shows that you can create a beautiful floor with the old smaller machines but for those of you that have the money and want to hire the brand new machines the same instructions apply. We recommend wearing a mask as even small amounts of dust should not be breathed in.

Customer comments below


I got your details from your (very impressive!) web site and wondered if you would be prepared to travel as far as Erith? Erith is about a 20 minute drive away from Greenwich. Michele.UK.

Thanks for a great video - I don't think we would have got there without it. It gave us the confidence and useful hints to get the floor done - it looks great now. Cheers! Phil in Halifax

Great Web-site! The video is just what I want. Alas I am in Australia. This is the problem with the web, people outside the UK see your site. Do you have a distributor in Australia? Leigh.

REPLY: You can now download straight to your computer. Peter

Hi Peter I've been having a look at your Web site, which I think's great! Unfortunately, my home's miles outside your catchment area, so I'll probably try sanding my floors myself! I think I'll also invest in a copy of the video mentioned on the site. Tom. UK.

Peter,Just a quick note to say (belated) thanks for the work done. I've finished the varnishing and am extremely pleased with the resulting finish & look of the place. S. Reid.UK.

Thank you for your help. I may consider sanding it myself, so it is likely that I will be using your website for advice. I hope you continue to be successful in the south and I will recommend you to friends on that side of the river! Elizabeth. UK.

Hi, Just a quick note to say how good I think your web site is, and how I wish you folk were a bit nearer to us in Somerset! David. uk.

Dear Peter, I have seen your very professional website! Well done. We have got more than 20 years of experience in the hardwood flooring business in Holland and abroad. We are fitting floors as well. Therefore it has been a pleasure noticing that there are other craftsmen busy as well, instead of a bunch of cowboys. So, if you are looking for certain products or extra fitters, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Frans van Rompaey (Holland)

Dear Peter , We have been looking for someone to sand our floors for ages and I was so happy to read about your business in the Metro. Now I have just seen from your web site that you don't usually come as far North as Hammersmith. Would you please make an exception and come to Hammersmith We are dying to get rid of our carpets and have our floors sanded but we haven't found anyone to help us out and with two small children (1 and 3) and two full-time jobs there aren't enough hours in the day. If you read our message and could stretch to Hammersmith, we would be totally delighted. Gordon. CE. UK

If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our advisory service, we cover all wooden floor types and staining for this service. personal one to one advisory service