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There are many professional products on the market and after 25 years of floor sanding experience we have found what we consider to be the best quality, environmentally friendly, hard wearing, easy to use varnishes around. You will not find these products in your local high street hard ware shop they are professional products for the trade. Available only from specialist outlets which are usually situated on trading estates. You can however buy these products online.

All the varnishes used by us and for sale on this site are water-based and contain no harmful solvents.
— Quick drying, typically 1-2 hours between coats. 3 coats can be applied in a day.
— Can take light traffic 4 hours after last coat.
— Hard wearing, tried and tested professional products not available in shops.
— Can be applied with a roller for speedy application. Also brush or paint pad.
— Come in 5 litre containers. Choice of Gloss, Satin, matt (has very slight sheen) and extra matt finishes.

Typical coverage is 10 square metres per litre. 5 ltr of varnish covers up to 50 square metres.
Example : 5ltr of varnish will give 3 coats for a room of 16 sq. metre.

Busy high traffic areas such as kitchens or hallways will need a minimum of 3 coats. 4 or more recommended.
— Lounge / dining rooms, 3 coats.
— Bedrooms 2-3 coats.

How to measure the area of the room, in order to know how much varnish to buy.

— Make all measurements in metres.
— Measure the total length of the room into any bays.
— Measure the total width into alcoves.
— Multiply the 2 figures together. The result will be the area of the room in square metres.
Living room.
Length.  4 metre 15 cm  (4.15 metre)
Width.     3 metre 60 cm  (3.6   metre)
                4.15 X 3.6 = 14.94.        Area = 14.94 square metres.
In this example, to give the floor 3 coats of varnish multiply the area by 3 ( 3 X 14.94 ) = 44.82 square metres.
One 5 litre bottle of varnish will cover 50 square metres, so 1 bottle is enough for this floor.

Hints on drying times.
The drying time of water-based varnishes is dependant on.
Humidity. On humid or damp days varnish takes longer to dry.
Temperature. A warm room speeds up drying. On cold days put the heating on an hour before varnishing.
Ventilation. Good ventilation is essential for speedy drying. Open windows and doors to get air moving over the floor  but keep an eye out for rain coming in.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: water-based varnishes.
Shake containers well before use.
For speed of application use a medium pile roller* on a long handle and a brush for the edges, around pipes etc.
Apply the finish evenly with a smooth flowing action avoiding accumulations of finish.

Try to do your varnishing in natural light especially on the last coat when it is difficult to see where you've varnished up too.
Seal your roller and brush in a plastic bag whilst waiting between coats.

The first coat will inevitably raise the grain of the wood making the floor feel rough. When completely dry rub down lightly with 150 grit paper
to achieve a smooth surface. Vacuum thoroughly before the next coat.

If you need help/advice that can't be found already on this site check out our advisory service, we cover all wooden floor types and staining for this service. personal one to one advisory service